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Grow Remote- The Irish Remote Work Conference

Posted by Shauna Moran on
Grow Remote- The Irish Remote Work Conference

On Friday, September 28th in Tralee, Grow Remote- the first remote working conference in Ireland kicked off. 

Grow Remote was an opportunity for businesses, individuals and communities to kickstart the conversation around remote working.

For the very first time in Ireland, a room full of people from various industries with a passion for remote and virtual working debated, discussed, shared and collaborated on the why right now is the right time for the remote working movement.

The Learnings

Perspectives and reasonings for remote working varied; some individuals wanted a better work-life balance, some spoke about the advantages remote working can provide to rural Ireland, and some showcased how a remote working model benefited their organisations.

The speaker line up consisted of experienced remote workers, remote working technologies and solutions, leadership and senior management of remote teams.

Companies like Shopify, Nearform & Teamwork shared their experiences in hiring a remote workforce and the learnings that they’ve had along the way. We heard from companies like Abodoo that are solving problems for companies and individuals who want to work smarter.

Josh Holmes virtually connected from Seattle as a lead at Microsoft and shared his experiences in how leading people remotely is different from leading a team in an office.

Coworking spaces throughout Ireland were present. We heard from Ken Tobin of the HQ in Tralee. It's inspiring to see how they have created a great community in the town for remote workers.

I shared an overview of remote working which included academic and research points which again had the persuasive argument that remote working is the future and can provide opportunities for all.

The Future

It’s promising to have made this start and having brought this passionate and knowledgeable audience together, we can rest assured that the possibilities and the impact of remote working are going to be brighter than ever.

The overwhelming common theme of the day was that remote work is possible. It’s happening, it’s working and we need to make it thrive. We choose remote working for our own individual personal reasons- maybe it’s to live outside of the cities in order to be closer to our families, or possibly we want to save money within our businesses.  Whatever the reason though, there’s something bigger at play here. There’s the positive impact you are having on the economy. Yes, you’re contributing to less environmental impact by no commuting and no office space. What about that potential remote worker you could hire that wants to live on Achill Island?  By hiring remote workers in those small, rural communities, a business can gain the advantage of expanding its recruiting pool to the entire nation. Those workers’ communities then include residents who can live where they want to live while earning a good wage and ploughing their income back into local businesses, thus boosting the economy in general.

A huge congratulations to the Grow Remote team. Thank you for bring this community together and giving us this shared vision. Roll on conference number 2 in March 2019!


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